Frequently Asked Questions

For over 17 years we have been asked many questions about what we do.

Here are some chiropractic FAQs and their simplified answers. In case you have more specific questions you are welcome to call or email our office. We will be happy to help and provide answers to your enquiries.

A subluxation occurs when one or more spinal bones move out of its healthy alignment. This places pressure on the nerves, causing interference in the brain-body communication. Unless corrected, the body will not function at its best.

Stressors in life that have accumulated in the body can move your spine out of a healthy alignment. There are 3 types of stressors:

  1. Physical Stress– the birth process, learning to walk, repetitive motions, excessive workout, lifting heavy objects, car accidents, slips, falls, poor posture habits.
  2. Emotional Stress – stress from work, family conflict, and other things that can cause you intense emotions like grief, worry, fear or anxiety.
  3. Chemical Stress– these are the stressors that you can get from alcohol, drugs, medications, food additives, caffeine, dehydration and pollution.

The only way to correct subluxations is a chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractors perform adjustments by applying pressure on the afected spot, returning the vertebrae to their correct position and reduce pressure on the nerves. Dr. Wayne uses different techniques depending upon the needs and preference of the patient.

Through reducing vertebral subluxations (nerve interference) chiropractic helps the brain to communicate more effectively with the body and vice versa. Better communication gives better function, allowing a better overall state of health for the body.

Everyone can benefit from having a spine free of subluxations.
If you’re one of these people below… then chiropractic might be especially useful for you!

  • You have poor posture and you want to correct it
  • You have difficulty sleeping, poor concentration, and emotional imbalances
  • You suffered an injury (e.g. sprained ankle, pulled muscle, pulled disc, etc.) from which you are still feeling the after-effects despite sufficient healing time or medication
  • You suffer from chronic joint/muscle pain (e.g. back, neck, headaches, etc.) that doesn’t seem to go away
  • You actively play sports but often end up feeling worse after a tough game or workout
  • You 50 years of age or older and suffering from multiple muscle/joint issues
  • You have a job that requires you to spend long hours of sitting or engaging in repetitive movements
  • You want your whole family to receive a natural, drug-free, holistic health care

Of course! Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive care available, which is perfect for any family member of any age. Dr. Wayne works with newborn babies, children, pregnant women, sports people, and adults of all ages including the elderly. He uses a variety of chiropractic techniques which depends on the age and the needs of each individual.

Absolutely! Children and babies can benefit greatly from chiropractic care.

These little ones are very physically active and prone to experience many types of falls and blows from activities of daily living. Injuries such as these may cause many symptoms including stiffness, soreness or discomfort. This is why we recommend all children get checked as early as post-birth. As for chiropractic care, Dr. Wayne is specifically trained to check and give gentle adjustments to newborns, babies, toddlers and children.

No. Chiropractors are primary healthcare professionals and therefore DO NOT require a referral from a medical doctor. Following a consultation and examination, the chiropractor will arrive at a diagnosis under chiropractic care, or refer the patient to the appropriate health care provider.

If your current health plan have specific referral requirements, you may want to check your insurance plan or consult your employer’s human resources department to find out if there are any referral requirements.

Yes. Chiropractors are primary health professionals thus they are covered by ACC. If you happen to have an accident, our Chiropractor can file an ACC Claim and your treatment cost will be partially covered by ACC.

This will vary with each individual.

At first, it mostly depends on how long you have had the problem, your previous health history, any trauma or accidents and many other factors. After your assessment, we will recommend the best options for your health including how frequently you need to have care. For some people this will be short-term pain relief, while others need a more intensive correction.

Once the patient have gone beyond the ‘correction’ stage, the patient can opt to continue chiropractic as part of his/her maintenance healthcare routine. In short, one can keep receiving care as long as they want and continue to enjoy the benefits.