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Good Driving Posture: Do You Sit Correctly In Your Car?

driving posture

Have you considered the ergonomics of your driving posture?

If you’re frequently changing the position of your rear view mirror, it might be a sign that you have poor driving posture in your car. Watch the video as Dr Wayne he gives advice on how to drive with better posture.

[Video Transcript]

People when they are driving, they’ll often find that they are readjusting their rear vision mirror.

So my tip is… Cars aren’t really designed for people, right?
The seats have terrible setup. Everything’s not really that well setup, reminds me a bit of an airplane.

So, you want to think about getting in the best possible position and getting sure that we can stand that position especially for long journeys.

So my little tip for you is when you first get in your car, set everything up in perfect position by sitting up nice and tall, good driving posture. At that point, make sure that the rear vision mirror is set up appropriately for you.

Now a lot of people will find that at the course of their long journey they start to slouch and slump and everything starts going wrong. What happens is they can’t see the rear vision mirror so they reach up and change the position of the rear vision mirror.

This should be a little cue that it’s not the car that changed but It’s YOU.

So… time to sit up again, sit back in a good posture, sit nice and tall, and head back. We should be back in that ideal position again.

When you can continue seeing the rear vision mirror, then chances are you are maintaining good posture. If you feel like you need to change the position of the rear vision mirror, then chances are you have become slack.

Think about getting that sit right, keeping it right, and make sure that you stay in good positions.

Also, first thing this morning, it was cold and horrible as well, so it’s pretty freezing cold. When we’re cold, we tend to sort of roll the shoulders forward, and hunch forward. Again, let’s just make sure that we’re maintaining good posture, sitting up nice and tall throughout.

Things to think about about especially on long journeys, but it should be all the time.

Create good habits and be consistent.