New Year, New you: How To Make People Notice You (and Actually Like You)

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So it is a new year, have you made any changes to your life? Since you are reading this, you are probably wanting to get an ‘image’ change for yourself  or for someone you care about or look up to. We get it. Who doesn’t want to get noticed?

For starters, most probably you are thinking that this article will give you tips about smiling, good grooming, wearing fancy jewelry and clothes, or getting a good-paying job. Sorry to let you down, but we’re not going to talk about that here.

Instead, this article is going to talk about something simple, yet a better method in turning other people’s heads. Ready?

It’s your posture.

Believe it or not, what other people notice first about you is your posture. It says a lot about a person.  So what does your posture reveal? Is your posture giving you a good image or a bad one?

Studies show that someone who stands up straight, looks forward and not down, radiates strength, elegance and confidence. For sure, you can see this common trait in pageant winners. Amazing, isn’t it?

Posture is often a reflection of our mood, and if we want to give off a positive vibe to people, then a good posture is necessary. Try these two poses and feel the difference:

Superhero Pose – Put your feet squarely below your shoulders, put your chest out, and place your hands on both hips.
Victory Stance –  Straighten your back, raise both hands in the shape of a “V,” and imagine you just won a marathon.

How did it feel? Did these poses make you feel positive? That’s the power of your posture. If you can feel the positive change within yourself, then this positive change will definitely be noticed by others.

Do you have questions about posture? Do you need help with correcting your posture?
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