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Ideal neck curve looks like a banana

Blog Post Header - ideal neck curve looks like a banana

Do you know that the ideal neck curve is shaped like a banana? Yes… our neck needs some curve!

We call this important curve the cervical lordosis or ‘neck curve’. This curve protects the neck from damage, acting as ‘shock absorbers’ which reduces the force (stress and strains) on the spinal cord and nerves.

It’s also thanks to this curve that our head can balance properly over our shoulders. With our head and spine in the right position, nerve signals from the brain will be properly transmitted to the rest of the body.

blog post - ideal neck curve looks like a banana

If this essential curve disappears, the vertebrae in your neck will not be able to support the head’s weight correctly. This will cause slow deterioration of your posture and spinal health over time. If the loss of nerve curve reaches the final stage, it could lead to permanent nerve damage.

Luckily, there’s chiropractic care! Norwest Chiropractic can help you keep your neck curve in check, and at the same time, promote better health for your spine and nervous system.

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