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Healthy Spine Habits To Practice Daily

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Did you know that many chronic health issues we are facing today are the result of poor lifestyle choices we’ve made for years? Smoking, eating junk food and living a sedentary lifestyle are just some of the bad habits that this generation have.

But one that is particularly hard to let go of, is the bad habit of slouching.

Most people are completely unaware that they slouch when sitting, standing or walking. Slouching is a sign of poor posture, and if not corrected may cause long-term neck and back issues. We all know how this ends in pain. To avoid going down that road to misery, one should practice good habits that promote a healthy spine:

#1 Pay Attention To Your Posture

It’s easy for the spine and our posture to suffer when we’re not paying attention. Having good posture in everything you do requires a conscious effort. You have to really to remind yourself the correct way of sitting, standing, walking and lifting heavy objects.

For example, if you are working or studying at a desk for long hours, it’s important to sit all the way back in your chair and have proper lumbar support. Keep your head up, your shoulders back, and your back straight. The more you practice this the more your body will remember what good posture feels like. In due time, you will be able to do this unconsciously!

#2 Move More

Sitting a lot is not good for your spine because it makes you prone to slouching. Thus, your best bet is to move your body frequently.  Even if you’re always glued to your desk, you should find time to be physically active at work. Chair stretches and frequent 3-min stand up breaks are great for people who sit for long hours.

Stretching is an underrated exercise that anyone can practically do anytime, anywhere. The best stretches for the spine involves muscles in your core and back. This will strengthen them and help to support the spine.

#3 Sleep Right

Everyday our spine is bombarded with so much stress. To recover from this daily beating, getting an adequate amount of healthy, restorative sleep is essential.

Sleeping on the back, with the head comfortably resting on a flat pillow and knees slightly elevated by a small pillow, may promote spinal alignment and reduce stress on pressure points.  If you have back issues, a good alternative is to sleep on the side. Curled into a fetal position, with a pillow placed in between the knees, may help with spinal alignment and relieve pressure on the back.

Bonus: Visit your chiropractor

Working on your posture by yourself is a good start. But if you think you need help with posture correction or if you have neck and back issues or mobility problems, chiropractors are the spine experts you should see.

Posture and spine checkups are the first thing we do. If we see misalignments, we’ll perform chiropractic adjustments as well as recommend exercises for you which can help correct your poor posture. If you have weight issues that is affecting your posture, we can provide you with advice on diet and lifestyle changes. Looking at it on a long-term perspective, chiropractic care will not only improve your posture, but it will also improve your life.

Final Thoughts

It’s easier to have poor posture. But sometimes it’s a wise choice to choose the hard way which is to develop a healthy spine.

So ditch the slouch for a tall, confident, good posture. Don’t forget to practice these healthy spine habits everyday!