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Fix Your Forward Head Posture with this Foam Exercise

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With the prevalent use of computers and gadgets nowadays, it’s now common to see more and more people walking and sitting with a forward head posture.

If you don’t  know what ‘forward head’ means, it’s that posture that you get when you are used to looking down at your computer or mobile screen all day. It is characterized by a forward position of the head in relation to the rest of the body. Not only does it looks terrible on external appearance, but it can also pose some serious internal health risks.

A forward head can put the spine out of it’s natural alignment. This can cause pain and discomfort at the back of the neck and all the way down to the shoulders. Other symptoms associated with it includes headaches, migraines, rounded shoulders and decreased range of movement in the said areas.

If you want to avoid more serious conditions (such as disc herniation, degenerative joint disease, nerve impingement, and osteoporosis), early detection and correction is key.

The best way to combat forward head is to correct the postural habits that promotes forward head posture. Luckily, you can always correct this with exercise. Watch the video and Dr. Wayne will teach you a move that can be done at home. If you don’t have a foam block, you can use a foam roller or a small pillow.

Improving your posture will take time and effort, but the benefits are sure worth it.

Not sure if you have FHP? Then get checked.

Posture assessments can give you an idea of the state of your neck, spine, and nervous system health.  Consider making an appointment now and find out where you stand with posture and what a tune up can do.

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